my thoughts on arch gnu/linux i have personally used arch for 6 to 7 months and it was quite a nice experience i learned so many things about operating system and it taught to me not to fear the terminal but rather to use it and praise its simplicity.It is a fairley fast distribution and its installion process is very good for learning things now don't get me wrong arch has it's cons like it uses systemd which is a bloated slow mess and it could use better init systems like runit or openrc but artix is a good distribution for power users and i suggest you to give it a try and not to fear it and it's package manager pacman is also fast not as fast as xbps or apk but it does the job pretty well arch is a just works distribution you will realise this after using it for some follow "KISS" principle means "keep it simple stupid" it is a rolling release distribution which means it get updates quickly unlike was released 20 years ago 11/3/2002 so my rating is 8.2/10