Nihilism is a philosophy that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence such as objective truth, knowledge, value, morality or meaning is baseless.
"nihilism" this word comes from two latin words "nihal" means nothing and "ism" meaning ideology, basically nihilism is a ideology which states that our believes are baseless and question why some actions are considered good or bad are they actually that,
basically a nihilist that we were thrown in web where we created our own web for which we created our own morals and except everyone to follow them.
there are three types of nihilism- 1.) Political Nihilism: political nihilist believes that for humanity to move forward as a species, all political, social and religion order must be destroyed.
2.) Ethical Nihilism: it rejects the idea of absolute ethical or moral values with this type of nihilism is only defined by society and as such it should not be followed if we as a species will ever attain absolute individual freedom we can just do whatever we want.
3.) Existenial Nihlism: it is a understanding that life has not value or meaning it is the most popular type of nihlism, it states that the existence of things like the state, religion bodies and even communal morality is a breach on our freedom or individuals if we cannot do absolutely anything that we want to do than are we truly free or are we simply bound by some kind of invisible mental chain for reasons we cannot explain.
Society was first created by our ancestors to survive and prosper, in every society believes and many things spread and people believes it but now these things are so compilcated and complex mess now that they are now in its last stages and it should not be followed this thing is also a part of nihilism